10 signs of burnout in the leadership

With this theme we started our series, “Burnout in the Ministry”. Some have already experienced some or all of the signs of wear and tear in our service stage as leaders or in charge of a ministry.

Burnout goes beyond being tired or stressed by the tasks of the day. It is when you do not see exit to the consequences that accelerate the stagnation by not having resolved in time what steals the forces and passion to what you love to do.

It does not necessarily have to do with loss of faith, but it does much with carelessness in spiritual intimacy, inadequate management of our time and resources, laziness or lack of planning for unrealistic expectations.You have to be alert to the following 10 signs that lead to attrition in ministry:

1. Little interest in prayer and reading the Word of God.
2. You lose the passion and motivation that drives you.
3. You hide or deny what happens to you.
4. You are always in a bad mood with your family, work team and friends.
5. You think your low productivity is balanced by working longer hours.
6. You are frustrated by the pressure of not presenting the expected results.
7. Do not empower or train your team for tasks of greater importance.
8. You alter the foundation and intentions of your vision to compete with the success of others.
9. You seek shelter in isolation.
10. You do not take care of yourself.

There has been an increase in the number of leaders who leave the ministry and others who have found it difficult to recover. The next issue is How to Get Rid of Ministerial Burnout. I invite you to share in the comments section other signs that you know or have happened to you.



Carlos Muñoz

MICC Director