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Resources for the healthy and effective development of leaders who not only settle for dreaming, but together with their team advance with excellence in the mission that Jesus Christ has assigned.


How to protect your work team


This is topic 4 of the series Burnout in the Ministry. The ideal is to monitor your status and of your work team in parallel. If you only focus on you...


How to recover from ministerial burnout 2


We continue with the third issue of the series Burnout in the Ministry. In this publication we completed 12 vital points to recover from ministerial b...


How to recover from ministerial burnout 1


This is the second theme of the series “Burnout in the Ministry”. One of the main agents that make it difficult to get out of the crushing spiritual a...


10 signs of burnout in the leadership


With this theme we started our series, “Burnout in the Ministry”. Some have already experienced some or all of the signs of wear and tear in our servi...