How to protect your work team

This is topic 4 of the series Burnout in the Ministry. The ideal is to monitor your status and of your work team in parallel. If you only focus on your needs, you would be seeing other collaborators simply as elements that while useful, can help you achieve the objectives of a planning.

A team goes beyond meetings and restrictions based on budgets, it is about combining knowledge, skills, dreams and performance to carry out a mission of equal interest for all.

Here are several points that may be essential:

1. Pray for them. It seems obvious and even basic but we really immerse ourselves in our own needs.

2. Do not demand a standard that you are not willing to comply with.

3. Set clear objectives.

4. Avoid unnecessary meetings.

5. Forget about selfish intentions, the work is of God.

6. Be grateful and value every minute you have with your work team.

7. You must put the vision into action. Satisfaction is not in dreams, but in realities.

8. Deceiving your team is deceiving yourself.

9. Love them.

10. Integrity with God is above abilities.

11. Avoid comparisons.

12. The improvements are necessary, motivates and trains.

13. Honest, open and respectful communication.

14. The sense of belonging and empowerment has more value than simply fulfilling responsibilities.

15. You must love what you do to be able to inspire and excite others.

16. Be authentic.

17. Persistence is a transferable value. When there are problems, involve your team in the search for solutions without changing the objective or established mission.

18. Be patient, not all people have the same coupling time.

19. Place each member in the position where he can perform best.

We invite you to share in our comments area ideas that you have implemented, suggestions and how this article will bless you.



Carlos Muñoz

MICC Director