How to recover from ministerial burnout 2

We continue with the third issue of the series Burnout in the Ministry. In this publication we completed 12 vital points to recover from ministerial burnout.

7. Do not rush with the change.
The overwhelming desire to see changes can turn into an enormous anxiety. Change starts from the inside out and it is God who produces it through the Holy Spirit. Do not be impatient, God’s time is not the same as ours.

8. Substitute habits that are not profitable.
As we are forming, we are also adapting new ways of doing things and adding more interests to our list. Sometimes we convert everything we absorb into routine, which does not give us time to discern what is of benefit and what is not. It is an important time to separate the straw from the wheat. A new and good habit begins with the desire to implement it by dedicating progressive fractions of time; If today were 5 minutes, try to make it 10 tomorrow.

9. Keep in mind who called you and what assigned you.
Do not get confused, God has not forgotten you. If you seek refuge outside of Him, I can confirm that you are really lost and need to recover the course of emergency. The call that God has made to you is not to keep it in a drawer, it is to put it to the service for His glory. Draw closer to God, in Him there is strength and fullness of joy. In Him is your restoration. Your career is not over.

10. Value the learning of difficult times.
When your life is in Christ, you depend on Him and live for Him. In any inconvenience that happens to you, however bad, there is a wealth of learning, both for you and others in the same process, or better yet, Avoid it. God has taught us that one way to keep a tree in good condition is to cut through the dry and diseased parts. I encourage you to be thankful that the best is yet to come.

11. Learn to say NO.
It’s hard to say NO when you’re used to serving, yet it’s one of the reasons why a considerable number of leaders have worn out. When they got involved in everything, they ended up loaded and pressured because they were not effective at what they should have been focused on.

12. Live one day at a time.
If you have started a function reset phase, do not put more than two daily assignments in your diary so that you perform them with excellence and avoid stress. Keep in mind that there will always be chores in the ministry.

Matthew 6:34. Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow; Because tomorrow he will take care of himself. Bert each day its own problems.We hope that this theme has built you up and we invite you to share in our comment form other points that help to overcome a wear phase in the most healthy and effective way.



Carlos Muñoz

MICC Director